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Movie Review: Brightburn

| by Winter Lawrence |


Description: R | Horror | Thriller | Superhero

Starring: Elizabeth Banks | David Denman | Jackson A. Dunn | Matt Jones

The Story: What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?

Winter’s Review: If you hadn’t already noticed, superhero movies are “in” right now and it doesn’t look like they’ll be falling out of fashion anytime soon. Not that I’m complaining! I love the fact that nearly every month there’s a new superhero film gracing our theaters, and while I’m always excited to see them, I was especially thrilled about “Brightburn” (because I have a thing for villains!).

I caught the trailer for this movie months ago and it stayed on my radar because I kept hoping it would be just as evil, sinister, and twisted as it promised to be—a modern-day retelling of Superman, but with a much darker version of Clark Kent—and folks, it was that and then some! The movie starts off with a great “jump scare” and from there it unravels splendidly. The pacing is amazing. The cinematography is spectacular. The acting is superb. So while it’s a totally predictable storyline, knowing that still doesn’t prepare the audience for just how malicious this kid turns out to be. He’s awful. Cruel. Fearsome. I loved him! And while I wasn’t expecting the movie to be so gory that somehow only added to its charm, so I say go and watch it as soon as you can, because it was definitely worth the wait!

Winter’s Forecast: 5 Flurries!

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Winter’s Forecast runs on a Five-Flurry Rating System, with five being a perfect storm of fantastic acting, astounding storylines and film components, and an all-around amazing movie-going experience. Here’s the rest of the breakdown:

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