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The Gift of Sharing

| by Winter Lawrence |

Hello, friends! I hope this finds you well! I’ve been busy as a bee on two fronts: One, as always, I’m writing up a storm, and two, I’m going through the house, collecting items to donate to one of my local shelters. My daughter and I always try to give as many gently worn clothes and shoes as possible, but we also make sure to give other little essentials, like personal hygiene products, decks of cards, and books.

I know, a book isn’t necessarily important for survival, but for those without computer or phone access, and who are very often in unfamiliar surroundings, I’d like to think that a book would be appreciated, so every few months I part ways with some of my favorite works. I think of it as sharing a smile, and I always leave the most moving parts of my books dog-eared, just to pass that bit of sunshine onto the next person.

Like many other folks I know, there are books I’d rather not part with. Johanna Lindsey was one of the first romance authors I ever read (I think at the very unripe age of five or so!), so I keep all of her books (and I stop at every used book shop I encounter, hoping to find ones that I don’t have!). Nora Roberts is another of my favorite authors, so I hang onto all of her supernatural romance series. Naturally, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Saul, and Anne Rice have their own shelves—right next to the coveted Stephanie collection.

There are probably a hundred other authors lining my bookcases, and of whom I adore (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the book!), but if someone in need ever wanted one, I would happily pass it along, because books, at least in my mind, shouldn’t be hoarded, they should be shared!

Speaking of books…if you haven’t already discovered mine, you can grab a list from my website or you can follow me on Facebook. And after you’re done reading them, be sure to the pass them along whenever you get a chance, and be sure to donate as much as you can to your local shelter—trust me, someone in need will appreciate it more than you know!

Until next time, friend, happy reading, and happy sharing!




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