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Subliminal Inspiration

| by Winter Lawrence |


The other day I was playing Guitar Hero with my daughter—on our Xbox 360. As we were jamming out, with me on the drums and her on the guitar, we got into one of our inevitable Guitar Hero discussions that always ends with the same question: why had they changed the game so much for the Xbox One? Yes, we understand that a new gaming platform needs some innovation and that everything can use some improving and sprucing up, but Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360 was perfect just the way it was…well, it needed a better foot pedal and a couple of other things (I mean, let’s keep it real: there were issues), but as far as gaming fun and awesomeness were concerned, Guitar Hero will always be a family favorite. And while we own an Xbox One and the newer version of Guitar Hero, we will always (and I mean always) default to our Xbox 360 when we want to jam out. It’ll be a sad day when we get the red ring of death—again, since it’s happened once before.

Let’s take a moment of silence in remembrance.

I know, for non-gamers it may seem odd to mourn a piece of technology, but we gamers get attached to our consoles, and our controllers, and our games. We are dedicated people. And it wasn’t until my daughter and I were talking about our love of Guitar Hero the other day that I realized just how much those songs had imprinted themselves onto my heart. That epiphany struck with a song. Bodies by Drowning Pool, to be exact. As I was jamming out, I realized that it, along with a bunch of other Guitar Hero classics, are part of my Gamer Series soundtracks.

I know. You’re thinking, “I didn’t know the Gamer Series had soundtracks?” Yes, my friend, they do, and they’re really awesome, so be sure to check them out on YouTube when you get a chance (you can subscribe here!).

See, when the concept of the Gamer Series came to me, I also got glimpses of songs that I knew would go perfectly with the characters and the storyline. At the time, I just went with it. I mean, what writer doesn’t want to include a stellar soundtrack as an accompaniment to their novel? But later—i.e., while I was jamming out to Bodies by Drowning Pool—I finally understood where those little musical gifts of inspiration had come from in the first place! It was because of my passion and commitment to my Guitar Hero games! Those songs, which are forever emblazoned in my heart and mind, snuck into my psyche while I was storyboarding the Gamer Series and an amazing combination was born. It was almost as if the gaming muses of the ethos had said, “Here you go, Winter. Here are two awesome books and two amazing soundtracks!”

And who am I to turn down such a gift!

The Gamer Series has turned out to be such a fun and enriching experience for me—not only because I was able to write about something I’m passionate about, but also because, as a writer, I learned something new about myself. There are subliminal messages and themes of inspiration that sneak into my writing all the time. And while, in the moment, it may feel silly or off to include them in my process, I’ve learned that it’s best to always go with my gut, because if I hadn’t listened to those inner Guitar Hero muses, I wouldn’t have included soundtracks into my books—which everyone, including myself, really enjoy!

So until next time, friend, be sure to listen to your inner muses, because they may have a subliminal message that will push your already awesome idea to an even higher level!




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