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Movie Review: Men in Black: International

Description: PG-13 | Action | Adventure | Comedy

Starring: Chris Hemsworth | Tessa Thompson | Liam Neeson | Emma Thompson

The Story: The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

Winter’s Review: Lately, it feels as though every movie franchise is determined to add a few more flicks to their repertoire. I’ve lost track of all the “Star Wars” movies, and even as a self-proclaimed Marvel fan, my head spins a little when I think of all the superhero movies we’ve been graced with over the past decade. In most cases, sequels and spin-offs are great things. Fans love them, and we usually pick up a few more devotees along the way, which is always a bonus (and a guarantee that we’ll get yet another movie). Sometimes though, it’s better to let things lie. After all, there was only one “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and while there have been a plethora of really great sequels and spin-offs, let’s be honest: most times Hollywood gets it wrong.

Take “MIB: International.” This movie had the potential to be spectacular. It had a great cast and an enormous budget. Unfortunately, (and it pains me to admit this because I’m a huge MIB fan), those two qualities couldn’t guarantee a great movie. The storyline was flat and it dragged, the acting was subpar, and it just didn’t feel like a MIB movie. That good old-fashioned family friendliness was completely absent (the crude humor, profanity, and sexual innuendo really made me regret taking my grandkids along) and there were no cameo appearances. No Will Smith. No Tommy Lee Jones. And most notably, not even the song! There was a great opportunity for them to play it during the movie, but they missed the mark on that and on just about everything else too. So this very disappointed fan recommends that you wait until “MIB: International” is available on your favorite streaming platform service, because it definitely isn’t worth the trip to the theater!

Winter’s Forecast: 1 flurry!

* * * * *

Winter’s Forecast runs on a Five-Flurry Rating System, with five being a perfect storm of fantastic acting, astounding storylines and film components, and an all-around amazing movie-going experience. Here’s the rest of the breakdown:

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