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Author Spotlight: Kendra Hale

| by Winter Lawrence |


Say it with me now: It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Superman! I think everyone knows this phrase—even those who aren’t big into comic books or superhero movies. Superman and all of his amazing superheroes friends have been indoctrinated into our culture and have become a part of our collective consciousness because they’re pretty badass and awesome. Also, I think that the concept of having an almighty, infallible being protecting us is just cool.

What really makes a superhero relatable though is that they’re portrayed with some kind of flaw—a weakness that nearly everyone can sympathize with—and that’s what makes them truly endearing to us. I bet you’re wondering what sparked this particular discussion. Well, I’m glad you asked! This month, I was fortunate enough to have one of my superhero short stories released in the Downfall Anthology. It was so much fun to create an average yet extraordinary girl named Audrey, and in the process, I got to meet a couple of very cool authors who were also writing very amazing stories.

Of course, I look forward to hearing from all of them, and this month I was fortunate enough to snag some time with the one and only Kendra Hale! She’s amazing, and she was all up for sharing some details on her superhero story and her writing journey thus far. Here’s what she had to say…

(Q) Kendra, to begin, can you tell us a little bit about how you got into writing? Maybe share some of the things that inspired you to become an author.

(A) I honestly began writing as a comic book writer for scripts and short jams in anthologies; it was a way to expand myself as a creator as I also ink in the comic world. That was honestly how I met Alexa Wayne, we met through our artwork and then a year ago began to expand as writers when she invited me to join her on a project called Gothic Bite Magazine. I got a chance to use my knowledge as not only a horror makeup artist but also as a different kind of writer. When she started up GBM’s anthologies I jumped into it and here we are!

(Q) In the Downfall Anthology, you have a very cool superhero short story called, “A Storytime Slayer—Case 1161023.” First, can you share the meaning behind that mysterious number? And, can you share a little bit about your very cool protagonist Ryan Sanders. What or who inspired his “Mourning Star” superhero character?

(A) The meaning behind the mysterious number is actually really meaningful to me, they are my children’s birthdays ^_^ January 16th is my daughter’s, and October 23rd is my son’s.

Ryan is in homage to one of my childhood best friends Ryan Wallace. He was my first touch of loss to someone close to me and I wanted to pay him back somehow, and what better way than to be a lead hero? The Mourning Star portion deals directly with what the name is, it is a way for me to mourn and the Star part deals solely with my goddaughter Katy.

(Q) In “The Storytime Slayer” you have all the makings of a superhero with a sad, tragic backstory, and, of course, an unrequited love interest. Were you inspired by a particular superhero couple for this story? And when did the idea of adding a dog as his sorta-kinda sidekick come to you?

(A) Ah, LOL, the couple portion, not really, as it remains to be seen just what is in store for them, while there is love there it is not going to show in a manner most people will think of and I cannot honestly think of a couple that is going to be like them currently in production if that were the way they went.

I don’t really see Max, the pup, as a side kick. He really is more of a companion and isn’t going to be a part of the crime fighting. I wanted this book to feel more realistic and while yes, there are many ways that animals can be sidekicks in the comics and even been shown in movies and TV series, Max is literally just family.

(Q) I love “The Storytime Slayer,” but that isn’t your only short story! You also have “Of the Sky and Stars” available in the Gothic Grimoire Anthology! Would you mind sharing the synopsis here for the readers and telling us a little bit about your protagonist, Evelyn?

(A) "Of the Sky and Stars" is a Daughter of Starlight novel that’s still in full production. The Daughters of Starlight are among one of the most revered Mystic families. Evelyn Merchant is the only daughter of the last family that holds the linage of the Starlight clan. She was just seven when her parents were killed and three guardians came to her rescue. Ruled by the season that claims them, each daughter of Starlight is given the Starlight Grimoire when they are ready. When she turns twenty three and all seems safe in the world, will the men who gave up everything to keep her safe be able to keep themselves safe from her?

Evelyn is an absolute fireball who is not ashamed to be herself. She has a lot that will be happening in her book but what readers should know about her is that she truly likes to have control. At least when she is able to, Tobias is someone who she feels powerless in her feelings around. They are adorable together.

(Q) In “Of the Sky and Stars” there are three shifter guardians who, for some reason, reminded me of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan! Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to create Thaniel, Tobias, and Fenox.

(A) LOL, I love that that is who they remind you of. I have a whole series in mind for the Daughters of Starlight but a central theme is shifters. Wolves fascinate me so I wanted them out of my system as two best friends who I saw with playful banter, so Thaniel and Fenox came into being. Tobias is a bit different being an owl, he is the calmest of the three and, while the youngest, he is sometimes the wisest. Each of them though is very distinct in personality and I honestly cannot wait to hear who readers liked the best.

(Q) Kendra, thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to share all of these cool insights with us! We’re so glad you did! Before you go though, can you share with the readers any upcoming book releases, events, or giveaways that you have planned for the future?

(A) Currently, I am just busy getting the writing done; there are several, several anthologies and comics coming out this year as well as next. Readers can always keep an eye out on the Gothic Bite Magazine page on Facebook as well as Kendra Hale Author page for any events and/or giveaways! Thank you so much Winter for letting me share my worlds with you!

* * *

Kendra Hale is a dabbler of many trades. She is a published Inker, Poet, and Author as well as being a Podcast Host. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer, Editor, and Contributor to Gothic Bite Magazine, Space Time Magazine, and also writes for Dark Knight News working on the Harley side of the DC Universe currently as a reviewer.

When it comes to Wonderfunders, she is a contributing Writer and Inker for several projects, as well as for Ravenfish Studios for their book Woe. She can be contacted at, and her work can be seen at

Aside from all that she will be resting with her awesome kids, loving husband, and their band of pets until her job calls her in to work as a Certified Living Assistant!


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