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Author Spotlight: Dora Esquivel

| by Winter Lawrence |


It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for young adult fiction. I read it all the time and, for the most part, I write it more often than not. I’m especially drawn to science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, and supernatural works. Those genres put me in my happy place. There are times though that I want a little more spice in my life, so at least once a month I make sure I pick up something a little more mature, just to shake it up.

Now, we all know that there’s no shortage of spicy fiction out there, so it’s usually difficult for me to narrow down my list. This month, however, I had the perfect author in mind—Dora Esquivel! I was fortunate enough to meet her while we were working on Merry Krampus: Anthology, and while her short story was definitely family friendly, I discovered that she has a talent for writing really cool science fiction & paranormal stuff—in the adult variety sort of way! So I asked her to join us for this month’s Author Spotlight segment, and here’s what she had to say…

(Q) Dora, thanks for agreeing to join us for my Author Spotlight segment! It was such a pleasure getting to know you as we worked together on the Merry Krampus anthology. Can you tell the reader a little bit about yourself and what inspired your short story Krampus’ Checklist?

(A) Thanks for having me here. I love all things horror, especially dark paranormal and demon-like creatures, like Krampus. I enjoyed writing the story though it had werewolves in it.

(Q) You have a novella entitled Echo Marines on Amazon that I love! It’s got all sorts of science fiction fun, like traveling through wormholes and a dark, dystopic plot. There’s also an underlying current of romance that crackles just beneath the surface and carries the storyline along quite nicely. So tell us what inspired you to write about a group of wayward space traveling solders.

(A) Thank you for reading it. I really enjoyed writing it actually, it was so much fun! What I plan next won’t be so nice, I almost feel bad, but it's part of the story and I hope to have it wrapped up by fall.

(Q) Another of your books, Ancient Bonds, is quite the read! As a predominantly YA author, books like this one tend to make me blush, and after reading Krampus’ Checklist and then Echo Marines, I couldn’t help but notice how different this book is from your others. As a writer, is it difficult to switch gears from mainstream writing to a more erotic, darker, supernatural piece, or is it easy for you to switch proverbial hats?

(A) Sometimes it is. I love sci-fi, dark paranormal, and horror so those are not hard to switch gears in, but switching to contemporary, romance, or thrillers is a bit harder for me.

(Q) You have a new book out in the horizon! Hunters and Killers is a crime fiction thriller about serial killers. Can you share some tidbits about the story and its release date?

(A) The story I’m writing is about a serial killer and a detective, it’s rough, because I’m not used to writing in that type of genre. I need to make it dark, but not overtly spooky and thrilling, with psychological horror elements. Ugh! It's hard. Local detective Remi Dugas has a tragic past and a close tie to The Beast, a serial killer who, after 20 years, is back and is hunting in the same grounds as before. Remi needs answers and goes after The Beast. His love life is also in turmoil, because he’s attracted to his FBI partner Elias Suarez, who he finds dominating and a bit of an asshole. What the cops don’t realize is that The Beast ends up hunting them and capturing one of them, so it becomes a race against time to find and rescue each other. It gets dark pretty quick.

It’s the first time writing in this type of genre and the first time writing something this long. Fingers crossed. It will be out May 24th!

(Q) As an avid science fiction reader, I’ve noticed that there’s a trend toward books called space operas. Can you give us your take on what that genre entails, and do you have any new operas in the making?

(A) I love these! I read these stories when I was little. I find them fascinating. I’m hoping to write a space/western type of story next year.

I consider Star Wars a space opera, when I first saw the movie my whole world exploded; there was something out there bigger than myself, a movie made with such creativity and imagination, yet able to tell a story about good and evil. Amazing! I hope to capture that type of sense of wonder in my stories.

Dora, thanks again for taking the time to answer some very candid questions for this month’s Author Spotlight segment! I’ve enjoyed reading your stories and I’m really looking forward to Hunters and Killers—it sounds amazing, and I know you’ll do it justice! Readers, to catch up on all of Dora’s current works, check out her Amazon page, and to keep up to date with all of her adventures, check out her Facebook page.

* * *

Been on my own since I was 16. I'm a born rebel! I grew up on the border of Texas and Mexico. Had many adventures in the Air Force and traveled the world, but I always kept writing. I have a bunch of journals with full stories that need to be written. I am at a point in my life where I can dedicate myself to my passion writing! The writing Gods won't leave me alone! When I'm not writing, I enjoy reading, listening to old 80's music, exercising, taking care of my family, two sons, hubby, mother, and two dogs! Busy, full life.

My stories are dark, horror-filled, with a mix of tantalizing erotica and gritty sex. I have a wild imagination. I prefer my paranormal beings ruthless and cunning.

As I start my writing adventure, I hope you will join me and enjoy reading my books! Any questions, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!


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