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Author Spotlight: Alexa Wayne

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

| by Winter Lawrence |


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t draw. I wish I could, but I’m so bad at it that when I play Hangman my stick figures volunteer to hang themselves! Naturally, since I can’t contribute to the art world, I do the next best thing: I admire. Alexa Wayne is one such amazing artist whose work I adore, and she’s multi-talented! Not only does she draw and illustrate like a boss, but she’s also an author and the founder of Gothic Bite Magazine. Talk about busy!

I was fortunate enough to meet Alexa when I contributed to Merry Krampus: Anthology and we’ve been fast friends ever since, so I invited her to come and chat with us about her current works, upcoming projects, and her very cool artistic abilities!

(Q) Alexa, thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule to answer some questions! Of course, I have to start by asking which came first—the passion for drawing or the love of writing?

(A) I am so happy to be interviewed! Thank you for having me over!

I was raised by my grandparents, and my grandpa worked at a binding company which, of course, had many publishers as clients. Because of his work, he would often bring back blank papers in boxes, but also many collections of novels, encyclopedia, classic series, and much more. They have rejected books that didn’t pass the test because of misplaced margins, numbers, or anything not to the publishing house’s standards.

Because I grew up surrounded by books, I wanted to learn how to write before I even knew the alphabet. I would take papers and just make lines and shapes, saying it was my own story that I just wrote. I guess I always wanted to be an author.

(Q) Can you tell us a little bit more about your artwork (and possibly share a few of your favorites)? I know you’re a popular seller on Redbubble, but where else can we find your magnificent creations, and which are your most valued and sought-after items?

(A) I grew up on Walt Disney and Jem and the Holograms. My mother was an artist and therefore she trained me until I decided to go into graphic and web design. Following my studies, I took classes in 3D, Sequential Arts, and finally with Comics Experience and Syn Studio.

My passion for comic books also took over for a while, where I learned the art of communicating a story through images. I do have my own store on Redbubble and also, it is easy to find me on DeviantArt, where I have loyal followers that help me, to this day, build my name.

I am mostly known for my original views of the Sony character Mavis Dracula, from the cartoon series, and The Lion King. I have provided some of my favorite fanart and portraits I have shared on DeviantArt, where it all started for me.

(Q) Let’s talk Gothic Bite Magazine! Can you share with the readers a little bit about your journey to start up this very cool magazine? Also, had you always planned on releasing anthologies as part of your plan, or was this inspired by something else?

(A) You have good journalism in you!

Gothic Bite Magazine is an idea that came up to me in early 2018. However, owning my magazine is a dream that goes back to my teenage years. I always knew it wouldn’t be a fashion magazine because of my love for the paranormal.

I was on the couch, watching the cartoon series of Hotel Transylvania with my dog and assistant, Carey. The idea of Gothic Bite Magazine surfaced when I realized I was a monster nerd and strongly related to Mavis. I’m not a stereotypical Goth. I’m a very passionate artist who enjoys the paranormal, legends, folklore, and monsters.

I decided to bring in my two best friends, Melanie and Kendra, and I asked other very close friends I knew who would be crazy enough to embark on this adventure, and along the way, I posted job openings, and people joined what we called the Ghoul Family.

Now, Gothic Bite Magazine is available on Amazon in digital and printed format. A dream come true for me!

As for anthologies, I never planned to become part of one or even less, lead one. However, I quickly understood that anthologies are a good and more natural way to get your name out there and a great way to network with fellow authors. Those are fantastic opportunities to meet wonderful people who share the same interest.

With the help of Gothic Bite Magazine, I can create many anthologies, and I lead them with the editor in chief, the amazing Kendra Hale. We want to give a chance to many independent authors to be part of something special.

I was not planning on anthologies taking a big part of my time, but it is such a great, positive experience that I’m happy I decided to create them. The very first one happened with my friend and excellent author, Dora Esquivel. She brought up the idea that we should create a dark paranormal anthology.

Like Mavis in the cartoon series, I took charge and decided “Let’s do this!” and I used GBM as our marketing name. Just us authors, having fun and networking.

(Q) Mrs. Blackwood is one of your many novels, and I have a bit of a soft spot for it because I’m a sucker for werewolf-vampire hybrids! What was your inspiration behind writing this amazing book and are there others in the series?

(A) Oh, you’re good!

Mrs. Blackwood is the introduction to my horror series, The Impaler. However, it all started with my very first vampire novel and first of the series named Silver & Blood. However, because I was a new author and new to this literature world, I decided to use a vampire everyone knew and would be curious about—Vlad the Impaler!

Mrs. Blackwood was a short novel that slowly and subtly presented the entrance of Vlad the Impaler through a character named Damian Blackwood. It also introduces Coralie Bellefleur, the strong woman who saves Damian from hungry, paranormal beings.

The sequel, Blood Walker, is scheduled to be published on March 19, 2019. I cannot wait! Keep your eyes peeled because there are many teasers listed along the way leading to the release!

(Q) Your flare for the paranormal isn’t just reserved for people with fangs—you also have a pretty cool story out there about mermaids! Tell us about Mermaid Island: Memory Remains and the dreadful pirate Pearl Dale.

(A) The Mermaid Island series is a story that took form in my mind more than a decade ago. I’m a total pirate nerd! However, back then, I knew something was missing for my story to really be special, but I didn’t know what. In the end, what was missing was horror and darkness.

If you are looking for a romantic pirate story meeting a mermaid, the Mermaid Island series isn’t for you! My mermaids are psychotic, a little twisted and fierce. I like my pirates proud, strong, and fearless. This series is all about revenge, a cursed treasure, and a pirate captain named Pearl Dale who isn’t afraid of anyone or anything. She is an anti-hero not looking to be anyone’s hero.

Alexa, thank you so much for taking time out of your very busy schedule to participate in this month’s Author Spotlight! It was my absolute pleasure and I know readers are excited to learn more about your upcoming works and what inspired you to become an author and artist. Personally, I think it’s super cool that you’re from an artistic family and that your grandfather worked at a binding company, which inadvertently introduced you to all of the imperfect manuscripts that worked their way into your heart and ignited your passion for all things literary!

Readers, there’s plenty more to learn about Alexa, so be sure to check down below for her author biography, website information, and a peek of her very awesome fanart and portraits!

As for upcoming works, on February 26, 2019, Alexa has the Downfall Anthology hitting the bookstores, followed by The Grimoire Anthology on March 5, 2019, and Blood Walker on April 14, 2019. Also coming down the pike, A. Wayne is making sure that her vampires are coming out in 2019! Even on Gothic Bite Magazine, a monthly podcast is soon taking off: Vampires After Dark!

* * *

Author Alexa Wayne

Alexa Wayne is an author, illustrator, digital artist, and TLK obsessed fan from Canada. Readers, to get to know more about Alexa, you can visit her on WordPress or you can check out her Facebook page.

Also, in her own words, here’s how Alexa came to be obsessed with vampires…

My passion for vampires comes from curiosity about what hides in the pit of the night, when the world is asleep, and all falls silent. I wish to be brave enough to walk outside in the woods and look for myself and maybe see a being that shouldn’t be, but instead, I reach out to all that is available to me and research what is now often referred to as the paranormal.

The first novel series I have ever read on my own was Goosebumps, by R. L. Stine, who with his captivating, spooky words, got me hooked on what could be strange and dormant until we lay our head down to sleep. Then, I discovered the one author who would become my model and my favorite of all time, Stephen King.

Growing up in a small town, with woods far in the backyard, raised by my grandparents with many stories worthy of being told around a campfire, only fed my curiosity more about what could be out there, where the eyes can’t see because it is too dark for the mind even to imagine what might be.

Growing up watching series such as A Haunting, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Are You Afraid of The Dark, to only name a few, I decided to keep a journal of what I would love the most. One word kept on coming back: Vampires. The idea of someone coming back from a side we know nothing of, immortal, immune to diseases, able to hypnotize and control its prey, mesmerized me.

It was to the point where I wondered if it would be possible for beings as such to live in a world parallel to our own without us knowing about them? Of course, I was still young and naïve, with an overactive imagination, hoping that our world was not as gray as it seemed.

As the years went by, I collected more books about vampires. I read all that I could about the paranormal, and even romance, to have a different view of the creatures. Some perceived them as monstrous, while others were dreamier, nonetheless, they remained the same: THEY are the predators, and WE are the prey.

There are many worlds built around vampires, from many cultural backgrounds, and written by many authors. It is somewhat hard to depict where it all, indeed, started, for it seems that every culture has its view on the creature and its name and purpose. While some think they are vulnerable, others believe they are demons. Just like mythology, vampires have found their way onto almost every continent, in every folklore.

It almost brings up the question: Were they ever real? Are they still among us? Were they visitors from another world or a race that we hunted to extinction?

Until I know the answer and am satisfied with it, I will not stop looking and writing and researching. Like a star in the night, I will blink and shine upon the paths of those who walk the night and stalk the one I am looking for until I see his fangs to prove that my darkest passion always had a reason to be.

That's it, that's me!

The OCD Vampire

A. Wayne

Well said, Alexa! And thanks again for sharing all of this wonderful information. Readers, don’t forget to check out some of Alexa’s very cool fanart below, and if you’re interested in checking out her other awesome portraits and artistic creations, be sure to visit her store at DeviantArt.

* * *


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